Discover How To
Treat Muscle Pain

Without Surgery or Pills!

Muscular Self-Treatment for Pain-free Living

Select an area to uncover the cause of your pain as well as how to treat muscle pain
in that area!

“After one session with you I was able to go for a run, and after a second session I was pain free and fully learned how to treat myself using techniques.

— M. Urbanick, Physical Therapist, Ohio

“I have suffered with back pain for years, and I've tried everything from physical therapy to shots to pills to exercise. I've got to tell you — Julie Donnelly just fixed me! She has a method and it all makes sense.

— Katie Evans

“During the third treatment I suddenly felt complete release of the deep seated pain... I have been playing tennis ever since, and have never had a recurrence of the injury.”

— R. Getler, Tarrytown, NY

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