Discover the Julstro Method Secret Relieve Chronic Muscle & Joint Pain Without Pills or Surgery!

The Julstro Method is a Self-Applied Treatment To Relieve Chronic Pain & Increase Flexibility


“After one session with you I was able to go for a run, and after a second session I was pain free and fully learned how to treat myself using techniques.

— M. Urbanick, Physical Therapist, Ohio

“I have suffered with back pain for years, and I've tried everything from physical therapy to shots to pills to exercise. I've got to tell you — Julie Donnelly just fixed me! She has a method and it all makes sense.

— Katie Evans

“During the third treatment I suddenly felt complete release of the deep seated pain... I have been playing tennis ever since, and have never had a recurrence of the injury.”

— R. Getler, Tarrytown, NY

The Julstro Method Secret is clinically-based self-applied treatment of massage, releasing trigger-points (knots) and relaxing muscles. Easy to learn, highly effective, targeting muscles that are often away from the chronic pain area you feel.

Who is Julstro Method for?
Just about anyone with sports or general activity muscle-related chronic pain, including "tendonitis", joint pain, shoulder and arm pain, lower back pain, leg muscle pain, Plantar Fascitis, among other muscle/joint conditions.

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and learn how to treat muscle pain without surgery or pills!