Discover How To Relieve
Muscle & Joint Pain

Without Pills or Surgery!

The Julstro Method is a self applied treatment system that is highly effective using simple techniques that are easy to do!

Julie Donnelly explains how muscles work. Learn how to treat muscle pain at home. Lower back pain, neck pain, repetitive muscle strain!

The Julstro System is a series of techniques, self-treatment techniques that can actually benefit your whole entire body. Many thousands of people worldwide have used the Julstro techniques to eliminate pain, numbness, tingling, And lack of range of motion. You too can learn how to relieve muscle pain at home.

This is a clinically-based system using techniques that can be done at home, at the office or at the gym
A unique system that is not only for the relief of muscle and joint pain that teaches you:
• where your pain originates,
• how to release the pain
• how to use simple movements to achieve pain relief in a very short period of time

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and learn how to treat muscle pain without surgery or pills!