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About Julie Donnelly

My name is Julie Donnelly and I am a Deep Muscle Massage Therapist with 20 years of experience specializing in the treatment of chronic joint pain and sports injuries. I have worked extensively with elite athletes and patients who have been unsuccessful at finding relief through the more conventional therapies.

I have been widely published, both on – and off – line, in magazines, newsletters, and newspapers around the country. I am also often chosen to speak at national conventions, medical schools, and health facilities nationwide.

My training began as a massage therapist, licensed in the State of New York where the initial requirement was 650 hours of classroom study in topics such as Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology of Muscles, Medical Massage, and Eastern Theory. I spent hundreds of hours focusing on an understanding of why muscles cause pain that may be far removed from the actual source of the problem, and why conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome exist.

Ultimately, the work that I love and the training that I wanted (and needed) took me to wonderful places like Hawaii, St. Thomas, The U. S. Virgin Islands, and the City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia. During this time, I had the good fortune of taking advanced training from a doctor of osteopathy, a physical therapist, a therapeutic massage therapist (the best I've ever met) and from other professionals involved with just about every form of muscular training.

This diverse exposure widened the scope of my practice far beyond spa massage and was the solid foundation of everything I do now. Unlike relaxing massage which has its own benefits, my work focuses on the deep muscles that hold joints bound, preventing full range-of-motion and causing chronic joint pain.

In 1989 I began working with individuals who were suffering from chronic joint pain and sports injuries. I quickly began working with serious athletes, many of them endurance athletes that compete in races with such grueling events as the Century Marathons (actually running 100 miles!), the Race Across America (RAAM) where an athlete cycles from San Diego to Atlantic City, NJ in just 8 days, and Ironman Triathlons which combine 2 ½ miles swimming, 112 miles cycling and then finishing off with 26.2 miles running, It's just amazing working with these athletes and it definitely made me stretch my abilities to figure out how to help them.

From my work with endurance athletes, serious local athletes, and people who were suffering from a wide assortment of chronic joint pains, the Julstro techniques of self-treatment developed. Expanding my teaching with the addition of the self-treatment concept really started to separate me from the majority of my peers. I found that as I began to teach people how to help-themselves they could continue their therapy outside of their session with me. It was (and is) wonderful to watch people begin to get permanent relief from pain.

In 1993 I opened my first Julstro Muscular Therapy Center in New York City just north of Manhattan. After many successful years of work there I finally decided it was time to escape the northern winters and began exploring the US for a new home. I haven’t settled yet although I’m getting a lot closer to finding a permanent home.

I teach clients how to self-treat for any number of painful joint conditions, and I also work directly with individuals who choose to travel.  Since I travel frequently arrangements for an appointment can be made by sending an email to my support staff at

My message to you is this: "When you come to visit me, I'll work on your muscles, release the knots that are holding the muscles short and putting pressure on your nerves and joints, and then I'll teach YOU how to do simple treatments that will help you when you are at home". That is my promise to you!

But if you cannot travel, technology has made my self-treatment techniques available worldwide by way of (our sister site), where you will find information on the Julstro™ Self–Treatment System. You may also be interested in the series of Pain–Free Books which share the Julstro™ techniques in a clear, concise manner. 

If you would like to receive an informative newsletter about a variety of health issues, muscles, and how to prevent or reverse the aches and pains related to sciatica, low back syndrome, shoulder–hip–knee pain, or any other repetitive strain injury, subscribe now.

Julie is also a:

  • A Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA)
  • The author of Pain–Free Living, The Pain-Free Triathlete, The Pain-Free Runner, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You.

A frequent speaker at national conventions for multiple trade associations such as:

  • National Court Reporters Association(NCRA)
  • United States Court Reporters Association (USCRA)
  • America Electrology Association (AEA)
  • American Association of Medical Transcriptionists (AAMT)
  • International Beauty Show (IBS) For practitioners in the beauty profession
  • Known to athletes worldwide through various forums on the Internet.
  • The moderator of an active forum which can be accessed through her Web sites, and
  • The author of many printed articles for publication in sports magazines and trade journals, as well as eZines and other online publications.
  • A frequent talk-show guest on radio.
  • An exhibitor at marathons and triathlons.

An exhibitor at selected group conventions such as:

  • The American Dental Society
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Ergonomic conventions
  • The Repetitive Strain Injury Expert on
  • Hired by various organizations to teach workshops where she demonstrates the Julstro techniques to attendees.
  • The author of a monthly newsletter.