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Bone Bruise Causes Deep Pain in Heel

A bone bruise is ugly…it takes (what seems like) FOREVER to heal!  I used to run a lot and, thanks to knowing how to self-treat, I never really had any problems.  Oh, I definitely did get repetitive strain injuries, but I would treat the muscles immediately and it would quickly clear up.  Then I did a silly movement and my heel slipped off a curb and came crashing down on the pavement.  I didn’t even do it while running….I was just walking and not paying attention to where I was going.  I wish I’d been running, the heel of my running shoes would have prevented the injury, but I was in sandals so my heel bone took the full brunt of the injury.

I started limping, and ultimately went to get it x-rayed because it really felt broken.  The x-ray was clear.  The pain was horrible and there wasn’t anything I could do to make it ease. Sitting didn’t help, ice didn’t help, heat didn’t help. Regular massage didn’t make a dent in the pain, and even taking over-the-counter pain medications didn’t do anything!   I had two more x-rays…nothing showed up.  I considered chopping off my foot, but I figured that wouldn’t help either <LOL>.

I eventually found that if I did the very deep self-treatments I’ve developed for the calf, that it would slightly ease the pain, but I had to keep doing them throughout the day.  Thank heaven for self-treatment!

The bone bruise wasn’t caused by a repetitive strain injury, but after that experience I could see how the repetitive strain on my calf muscles was pulling up on my heel bone and making the problem worse.  I believe that if you have a bone bruise that you may find some relief by looking at what muscle inserts into that area and then releasing the tension on the tendons and insertion point.

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