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Testimonials for The Julstro Method

The Julstro self-taught muscle relaxing technique teaches the patient to perform appropriate relaxing techniques so that the muscle can be treated at home. I have referred many patients to Julie who have benefited significantly through this self-taught process.”

—Dr. Peter Lin, Chief of Vascular Surgery Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

Prior to meeting Julie Donnelly, I was experiencing Sacroilliac joint pain and lateral thigh pain for almost one year. A longtime runner, I was sidelined from any exercise that entire time. I had been to six doctors, three physical trainers, and a chiropractor (and I am a physical therapist myself). I’d had three MRIs and two x-rays, yet everyone was still perplexed. I had one doctor tell me that my symptoms “didn’t make sense” and another who couldn’t understand why I was seeking answers if my pain did not affect my ability to work or care for my family. I was so relieved to find you. Your explanation of what you thought was causing my pain made so much logical sense! After one session with you I was able to go for a run, and after a second session I was pain free and fully learned how to treat myself using your techniques. It took some consistency in following through with the self treatments, but I soon returned to my normal exercise routines, and continue to do so more than a year later. A bonus: you also showed me how to treat my plantar faciitis that I had been battling for 18 months. I no longer wear orthotics and was pain free within days of meeting you.”

—M. Urbanick, Physical Therapist Ohio

The techniques I learned from you made this year’s accomplishments possible and I’m so grateful for that. Just think, I wasn’t able to compete in over 20 years and now in my first year back, I rank # 4 in the world in both the 200 and 400 meters. Wow! I feel every athlete should be taught these methods! Thanks for helping to make this all possible.”

—Allen Woodard Houston, Texas

Hand/Wrist Pain Testimonials

I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!!!! I was a participant in your teleseminar, ‘The Basics: Untying the Knots.’ My right arm, elbow and hand have been aching for the last few weeks, to the point I could not even pick up a cup of coffee without pain. Well I performed the maneuver you taught us that night, and went to bed with no pain, but thought it was just the power of suggestion. Then in the morning I felt okay, and I have now completed an entire day in court, working on the computer during breaks in a trial, and now it is after 5:00 PM and still NO PAIN………. THANK YOU!!!!! I am so looking forward to the next teleseminar so I can begin working on my neck and shoulder discomfort.”

—D.J. Doyle, RPR, CSR Official Court Reporter Macomb County, Michigan

    Grace Repass,  Jacksonville, FL

When I first learned that there was actually a cure for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms at a recent seminar, I thought it was just too good to be true. I have been suffering for years from RSI and thought my career was coming to an end. Surgery was not an option I wished to take and so I decided I would just live with it. After just a half hour of trying the Julstro Self-Treatment, I felt immediate relief. It’s only been a week and the results are truly amazing. It’s so simple, so logical, so easy to use and, best of all, no more wasted time with doctor’s visits. Thank you!”

—D. Pereira, RPR-CSR-CRR, Federal Official Court Reporter

Shoulder Pain Testimonials

Six months ago my left shoulder started to bother me. The first symptom seemed to be limited range of motion but it got worse such that simply reaching my arm behind my back caused a good deal of pain. In addition, I became frustrated because so many of the things I wanted to do at my CrossFit gym weren’t possible given the shoulder problem. Unfortunately the coaches at the gym didn’t have much to offer – the stretches they suggested made the pain worse. I decided to go to a local physical therapist. They took me through an extensive evaluation and prescribed a number of exercises that were supposed to strengthen two of my rotator cuff muscles. In spite of me doing my exercises every day, I wasn’t seeing much improvement. When I came to you yesterday, and we began to treat MANY different muscles that coordinate the movement of my left shoulder, it became crystal clear what the problems were. Getting those muscles to relax, even though it was incredibly painful, has already improved my range of motion more than several weeks of daily physical therapy. I am confident that as I continue to self-treat, I will see additional improvement.”

—Tim Huntley

I just wanted to send you an update since my treatment. My major issue—my left side that had caused MUCH pain while playing hockey, virtually disappeared after I left your office. When I played the next day, there was a moment of concern but I played some of the best hockey I’ve played in a long time. Yesterday when I played again, absolutely NO hint of anything bad ever happening. Thank you SO much.”

—PJ Williams, Maryland

  Andrew, Olympian rower

My shoulder had been hurting for weeks, but being a tennis fanatic, I continued to play several times a week despite the pain. One evening I was playing in a USTA League doubles match, and was in the middle of the second set after having won the first set. As I went to strike a firm forehand, I felt my shoulder give out. I tried to raise my arm, but couldn’t lift it above shoulder level and IT WAS MY TURN TO SERVE! So I served underhand, and thanks to my stalwart partner, we somehow managed to win the match. I knew I was done playing tennis for a while. What followed was months of painful physical therapy, twice a week, to try to strengthen the shoulder. Despite my diligent adherence to the prescribed regimen, my shoulder wasn’t getting any better, and in fact seemed to be getting worse. When an MRI revealed a 15% torn rotator cuff, I knew that surgery would be unavoidable. Just before calling to schedule my surgery, my tennis pal told me about [Julie]. So I went to see her. Julie assured me that she could help with my condition. I went in for a one hour treatment that seemed to reach muscular touch points I didn’t know I had in my body. It was a wonderfully intense treatment, and I could immediately feel release of some of the pain built up around the injury. I felt a little better, but still couldn’t imagine a complete cure. I scheduled another appointment one week later and once again experienced a significant level of relief. The deep seated core injury however was still there and still ached. Since there was significant improvement, I decided to try one more appointment one week later. During the third treatment I suddenly felt complete release of the deep seated pain not only from the injury, but from the tension that had built up from five months of protecting the injury. After the hour treatment was over, I sat up and lifted my arm virtually pain free. I was astonished. I was ecstatic. I was cured, and back on the courts the next day. I have been playing tennis ever since, and have never had a recurrence of the injury. To this day, I am still telling friends about Julie the ‘miracle lady’ to whom I owe a year of my tennis life (the year that I would have spent recuperating from surgery).”

—R. Getler Tarrytown, NY

It is absolutely amazing! I had frozen shoulder for 20 years, low back pain for 50 years, and pain in my arch that was remnant of a sprained ankle I twisted in 1967. I had gone to every type of doctor and therapist imaginable and finally gave up, feeling that I needed to live with the pain forever. It is incredible, I’ve been doing the treatments that Julie teaches in the book, and consulting with her directly, and I can now move my arm normally and stand up straight! When Julie told me that the muscles of my leg were causing my long standing foot pain, I was surprised, but she was right. The pain is now gone, for the first time in almost 40 years! This is a book that is a MUST for anyone in pain!”

—Tremp Saltsman Kingston, NY

For more than three years I was sidelined with chronic pain/weakness in my left bicep tendon whenever I’ve attempted to engage in meaningful swim training. I’ve seen orthopedists, physical therapists, neurologists, and chiropractors in addition to having massage therapy, acupuncture, and Qui-Gong done on it… along with x-rays, and TWO MRIs. Julie is the first person to not only have what sounded like a legitimate answer to the problem—that actually made COMPLETE SENSE—but more importantly the first and ONLY person who has been able to cure it, and teach me how to stop the pain as soon as it starts to appear. I just wanted to publicly say thank you. You’re awesome!”

—P. Watson US Navy Seals

Back Pain Testimonials

I have suffered with back pain for years, and I’ve tried everything from physical therapy to shots to pills to exercise. I’ve got to tell you—Julie Donnelly just fixed me! It’s a miracle—I can walk! She has a method and it all makes sense. The muscles tighten to compensate for different things you’re doing, and Julie fixes that! Find out how she can help you get rid of back pain forever!”

—Katie Evans

Just a quick update—I was very sore Sunday night after our therapy. I have a low pain threshold but I did all the stretches you showed me before going to bed that night and for once had an almost pain free uninterrupted sleep for the first time in several weeks. Hooray! This morning, I did all the stretches again soon after getting out of bed. I have had an almost pain free day (which believe me is a miracle). Strange to say, but after living with the pain and disability for so long a time, it almost felt weird to be able to walk straight upright and have no pain. This I definitely like! Another great thing was instead of needing five Vicodin ES to make it through the day, I only needed two and a half. Now that is a huge improvement. I could bend over and my quadratus lumborum did not spasm or painfully tighten up. HEAVEN! I am doing the stretches again before bed tonight. I used my fingers on my trigger points and what a difference I can feel. They are smaller and not as painful. I am so used to covering up the extent of my discomfort and disability to my family (keep a stiff upper lip theory) and friends but I felt you truly could see and understand the pain and hopelessness I was feeling. You are an incredible miracle worker to accomplish what you did in that session and I just cannot say thank you enough times. I know it sounds so corny but you have given me so much new hope of getting back my old active life and being healed so I can go back to the nursing job I loved. YOU ARE MY HERO!”

—S. Hines Connecticut

Hip Pain Testimonials

I am amazed at how your session has yielded ongoing resolution with a few maintenance tweaks— I guess the iliacus had never gotten resolved before, and now I am back at exercising! I went to three physical therapists and none of them helped me in the way I truly needed – none, though they were marvelous people who cared tremendously! However, the thing you offered me was a new understanding of, really, the master picture and what went wrong; along of course with the solution that you put within my grasp!”

—J. Slaughter Texas

Knee and Leg Pain Testimonials

Thank you for the Julstro System. Not only has it helped my carpal tunnel, but the pains in my knees are gone!!! I didn’t even realize I was in constant pain until it disappeared! I’m in karate and it was a mental challenge to push my body into the stances when I knew it would hurt so badly. I usually ‘doped’ up on Vioxx and ibuprophins before a work out. After just five minutes of working on my leg, all the pain disappeared. It took about two weeks for it to stay gone permanently. Mentally, it’s taken about three weeks to get over the fright of the upcoming pain, which never materialized again. I was in constant amazement! I can’t thank you enough! This procedure has eliminated not one, but three impending surgeries for me!!!”

—Alison Benitz

I started using Julie’s techniques and I started running faster and faster………

 —Allen Woodard – US  Master Track and Field , World record holder

I am now virtually symptom free! One of the keys to my recovery was following your protocol for the quads and adducters. My inner thigh, from the hip all the way to the knee, was LITTERED with knots. Once I worked those out while maintaining continued focus on the psoas, I had amazing improvement. My TFL is no longer tight, and I am still following your directions to make sure that I never have to deal with the insane pain again (or at least not to the same extent). I now take great pleasure in being able to do my Pilates pain free, and I look forward to going back to the gym and taking part in some swimming this year. I also plan to train to run a 5k in the summer. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t for the past year or so due to this problem! I couldn’t have done this without your book. The protocol itself was very helpful, yes, but what I really found the most useful were the trigger point charts! It was just nice to be able to look up what area was causing my pain and just work it out. It made my life MUCH less stressful because even if I felt pain, I knew there was a solution. Thank you SO MUCH for this. Now I can focus on other goals in both my fitness and personal life that the chronic pain was holding me back from. Thank you!”

—J. Levy New York

I am 99% certain that without Julie’s advice I wouldn’t have made the start line and although I am still having problems with my knee (it was pain free in the race) the treatments are working as it is slowly improving (both whilst running 50 miles a week and since the marathon). I will aim to keep these stretches up whether injured or not and hopefully they will help me keep running into old age.”

—Nigel Sanderson United Kingdom

I was just so overjoyed at your article that I wanted to say ‘thank you!’ I’m not a serious runner but it’s the only exercise I’ve ever really enjoyed doing as a maintenance thing and just began on my treadmill recently. I experienced my second calf cramp this morning and that caused me to go online where I read your article about calf cramping and where I learned about the soleus stretch! I’d never done that stretch before and as soon as I tried it out I felt that this was the issue!!!! It really worked!!! Thanks!”

—Charlie Hunter

Again you have helped us! Both of us enjoyed, well, maybe not enjoyed, but certainly benefited from your treatment. For me, I’m not sure what you unlocked in my legs, but after running around for three hours on Saturday morning, I felt like I could go on another hour at our street hockey game. It was a great feeling! And Jeanne commented that she had gotten used to feeling ‘bumps’ in her forearms, but after your treatment, they were gone— WOW. She was able to do some hand-intensive work around our garden yesterday and today her hands are just a bit achy—NOTHING like they would have been earlier. You are certainly making a difference in our lives with your talent.”

—PJ Williams Maryland

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