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SI Joint that won’t hold an adjustment

This morning I received a call from a reader of my Muscle and Joint Pain forum (on She was distressed because her son has had terrible SI joint pain that refuses to hold a chiropractic adjustment. He’s had it for several years and it’s turning his life into a nightmare because he can’t do any of the sports that he enjoys, and he doesn’t see an end to his pain.

The problem with adjustments that don’t hold, whether it’s for SI joint pain, sciatica, back pain, shoulder pain, or anything else, is that the muscles that are pulling the bones out of alignment aren’t being released prior to the adjustment.

Think of it this way, if you had a length of line with a stick tied in the middle, and then you pulled one side of the line to tug the stick in that direction, you couldn’t move the stick back to the middle until you released the pull on the line. This is exactly what is happening here, the muscle is pulling on the joint, the chiropractor (or other healthcare practitioner) is pushing the joint back into place, but the tight muscle is just pulling it right back out again. This can go on and on, and until the tension is released in the muscle, it’s not going to go back into place and stay there.

Take a look at this thread ( on my forum and it will help you to understand why muscles are causing the problem, and it also shows the Julstro Protocol that has successfully released the muscle knots to resolve the problem.

It’s important to do the treatments in the order given so that each will allow the next muscle to release the tension on your pelvis.

Regardless of where you are feeling pain, the first thing to do is look to see which muscle should be stretching to make the movement you can’t make, and then treat that muscle. It’s so logical, and it’s also very successful at stopping pain.

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