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Happy couple on the links-- Golf pain relief makes it possibleMuscle Treatments May Be The Key To Improving Your Game

If you love golf, these are probably true of you:

Yet, even if you do all of the above, you may still feel like your game isn’t where it should be because you feel “stiff.” Perhaps your movements aren’t smooth, but rather they feel like your body is moving in little jumps as you go through your swing. Your body might even ache.

You need to have a balanced and toned body to play and exercise can help with that, but it doesn’t stop the pain. In fact, sometimes when you exercise you feel worse when you’re finished.

Golf Pain Relief - Start with the Shoulders

What are the causes of your golf pain and stiffness?

Golfing requires that you do the same movements over and over, as you grip your club, swing, twist your low back, move your hips, and bend your knees. The movements cause the muscles to suffer from repetitive strain injury, causing pain which can become so severe that it may prevent you from living your life as you choose.

Doctors may have told you to use Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE), but that doesn’t really solve the problem. They don’t focus on the real root of the problem—muscles causing the joint pain.

Amazing that this hasn’t been thought of before now! How could years of research, millions of dollars spent on testing, and thousands of physicians and therapists overlook the answer to pain?

Simple… Doctors look at the symptoms and not the cause! Physicians aren’t taught to look at muscles as a cause of joint pain.”

— Zev M. Cohen, MD

The bottom line is that your doctor wants to give you the solution, but most doctors haven’t been trained about the ways muscles cause joint pains! What an oversight! Well, you’ve found the answer, and it’s so logical you’ll wonder why nobody suggested it before.

Want to know more about the muscles affected by golf?

Click on the link for a detailed explanation.


The Julstro System: Your Ticket to Golf Pain Relief

You don’t need to stop playing golf, but you do need to take care of the muscles you overuse. Treating each muscle will keep you moving pain-free!

Muscular therapy expert Julie Donnelly has written a new book, The Secret to Your Best Golf Game Ever, based on the principles of The Julstro System.

The Julstro System is designed to relieve the cause of typical golfer’s pain and limited motion, as well as actually help prevent these common conditions. The system is easy to learn and use, highly effective, and can be done anytime, anywhere!

How the Julstro System Works to Improve Your Game

The Julstro System is based on extensive clinical research on repetitive stress injuries and trigger point treatment. It efficiently eliminates trigger points, also known as knots, and lengthens muscles for optimum performance.

There are many books, videos, and clinics that teach you how to stand properly, swing with more power, eliminate common mistakes from your swing, etc., etc. However, if your muscles are tight from repetitive strain, none of these improvement techniques will work!

Think of it this way…when you draw your arms back to take your swing, if a “metal strap” was attaching your rib cage to your shoulders and upper arm, you are only going to go as far as that strap would allow.

Well, tight muscles are just like a metal strap – they prevent you from moving your joint to its optimal position. You don’t need to get stronger. you do need to release the tension in the muscle fibers so you can lengthen the fibers and go through your full range-of-motion.

Julstro shows you how to release the tension in the muscles quickly and easily so you will be stronger and your joints will move smoothly.

What People Are Saying

As an avid golfer, I want to be golf healthy all the time and see how I can grow my game. Not limp through a season. The Julstro System proved to be the real deal. It helped me eliminate golfer’s elbow and learn how to prevent injuries and stay healthy. Thank you!”

—Paul Froehlich, New York

I love golf, but I started to have neck pain. With each round of golf the pain increased until, ultimately it became so severe that I couldn’t turn my head at all and it seemed to creep to my skull and on occasion I would get a headache too. The pain stayed with me throughout the day. It hurt to sit in a chair, lie in bed, and driving a car was a lot of laughs. The worst of it was, I couldn’t play golf anymore! I was devastated!

Nothing I did was helping until I found the Julstro self-treatment for the neck muscles. I was a huge skeptic, it couldn’t be that simple but I gave it a try. I could hardly believe it, after the very first day of doing the self-treatments my neck started to feel better. In just three days I was back on the driving range again, and after only one week I was back to playing 18 holes! In fact, my game improved by 7 strokes!

The best part is, whenever I get even a twinge of discomfort in my neck and feel the stiffness or a headache coming on again, I know the exact points to press to divert the pain and get total relief. What a gift!”

—John Craig, Florida

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