Relieve pain that stops you from running


Amazing that this hasn’t been thought of before now! How could years of research, millions of dollars spent on testing, and thousands of physicians and therapists overlook the answer to pain? Simple… Doctors look at the symptoms and not the cause! Physicians aren’t taught to look at muscles as a cause of joint pain.”

—Zev M. Cohen, MD

I met Julie Donnelly completely by accident. I had given up on finding someone who could treat my Achilles Tendonitis with results. It would always re-occur with any lengthy training sessions and my dream of completing an Ironman Triathlon seemed further and further away. Julie sent me her self-treatment book. And that’s when I had ‘it’ happen to me. I found myself following directions and treating the mid-calf area of my leg, not my heel, (where all the pain was coming from). I don’t remember one doctor fooling with a small spot on a muscle more than a foot away from my injury.

To keep this story short, here was the result after only two days: my $300.00 pair of prescription orthotics were thrown in the closet, and I went on to completed TWO Ironman Triathlons. This was completely due to Julie’s technique of treating.”

—Jerry Trump, Washington

So What’s Causing Your Running Pain or Stiffness?



The problem is your muscles are repetitively doing the exact same movement over and over. You may even be making it worse by running on a surface, such as the side of the road, that is uneven and stressing your entire body. Add to this the fact that you run for hours at a time without stopping.

You’ve been told to use Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (RICE), but that doesn’t really solve the problem. This technique doesn’t focus on the real root of the problem—muscles causing the joint pain.



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