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Stop Pain FAST! Series

Stop Pain FAST! Series


Receive instant access to 12 eBooks from the Stop Pain FAST! Series.

Book #1: Stop Pain Fast!

Discover the Secret of Why Muscles Cause Pain

I’m constantly hearing people say to me: “I’ve been doing this movement all my life. It never hurt before. I must be getting old.” Baloney! You are not getting old. I use an analogy that explains exactly what is happening to your muscles.

Book #2: Stop Stiff Neck Pain FAST

Each of these situations happens when the muscles of your neck that turn your head are contracted and unable to stretch. Getting over this painful condition takes awhile, but you can do it. You need determination, some direction, and it also helps if you get some arnica gel and arnica remedy from a good health food store.

Book #3: Stop Tension Headache Fast!

If you suffer from mind-blowing headaches, even without a test to see if the headaches come from hormones, you may be told you are having a migraine headache. If it’s shown to not be caused from a hormonal imbalance, you’ll be told it’s a tension headache and you’ll be given drugs. But drugs aren’t the best way to treat the problem; releasing the tight muscles is much more effective.

Book #4: Stop TMJ Pain Fast!

TMJ is caused by a strong muscle that closes your jaw as it contracts and allows your jaw to open when it relaxes. When there is a knot in the muscle, your jaw remains shut or is extremely painful to open. In fact, if the muscle is totally contracted you will have a condition called lockjaw, and you may even be advised to have the muscle surgically released. Fortunately, a simple treatment will quickly reverse the problem and alleviate all of the pain

Book #5: Stop Ear Pain and Tinnitus Fast!

Tinnitis, Ringing & Pain in the Ear, Face Pain… and a Neck Muscle called “SCM”

The full name for the SCM muscle is really long – sternocleidomastoid. SCM is the nickname, and it’s certainly easier to call the muscle by the letters so I can easily explain how to find it and then how to treat it.

It’s really amazing how many areas the SCM muscle can affect, especially when none of the pain is felt where the knot is occurring! Most people are surprised when they find how painful this muscle can be –– and the relief that treating it offers.

Book #6: Stop Whiplash Pain Fast!

Whiplash is a serious condition that happens when a person has an accident that literally whips the head back and forth. The weight of the skull as it flies forward and then whips backward and then forward again stretches the neck so far that lipstick has been found on the chest bone of women who have been in severe accidents!. The muscles snap back into multiple knots, and these knots are now pulling the cervical vertebrae every which way. Pressure is on the spinal cord all the way from the base of your brain and along your entire spine.

Book #14: Stop Back Pain Fast!

Depending on which “expert” you listen to, there are TWO problems that are listed as the #1 repetitive strain injury: carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain. Back pain certainly causes a great deal of problems for millions of people. There are so many things that can happen to cause back pain that entire books have been dedicated to its treatment – and still the search for relief goes on.

Book #16: Stop Hip Pain Fast!

The hip is second only to the shoulder in the amount of flexibility that it allows, and yet we pay little attention to its mobility… until something goes wrong.

Our hips swivel in an amazing number of angles, each movement being directed by a separate set of muscles all working in unison. Muscles are like a pulley system. For any movement to happen, one set of muscles must contract while the opposing set of muscles must relax. As a result, the potential for any one of those muscles being repetitively strained and tying into a knot, altering the function of all the other muscles, is enormous.

Book #17 Stop Sciatica Pain Fast!

The pain is excruciating and you can’t put your finger on it. It hurts across your whole hip, it hurts down your upper leg, and your lower leg. In fact, it even hurts in your foot. It hurts to sit and it hurts to stand. The interesting thing about sciatica pain (if there can be an interesting thing about pain!) is that you cannot find a position that relieves the pain, yet a simple treatment and an easy stretch can alleviate it totally.

Book #22: Stop Calf Cramp Pain Fast!

If you experience a sudden cramp, don’t try to stretch out the fiber while the contraction is still happening. Muscles have an “all or nothing” response. Once a muscle has started to pull, it will not stop in the middle and reverse direction. If you attempt to stretch the muscle during the cramp, you will be playing “tug of war” with the fibers. You pull one way and the muscle pulls in the opposite direction. In this case, the muscle will always win and you may tear the muscle fibers. This is one of the reasons why a person will feel pain in the muscle long after the cramp has ended.

Book #24: Stop Shin Splint Pain Fast!

It’s always difficult to figure out which book should contain referred-pain information, especially when a muscle causes pain in two (or more) areas of the body. This is especially true when discussing the lower leg and the foot. While this book is specifically addressing shin splints, a wonderful side benefit is you will also be treating the muscles that cause pain in your ankle and foot. If you want more detailed information about ankle and foot pain I suggest you either get Stop Foot Pain Fast! or my full book, Treat Yourself to Pain Free Living.

Book #26: Stop Plantar Fasciitis Pain Fast!

Your feet are the foundation of your body And how they can ache at the end of the day! Everyone knows that when your feet hurt, your whole body aches. The truth of the matter is often your feet are hurting because your whole body is involved.

If your feet are hurting, you also need to look other places, especially your lower legs. The muscles of the lower leg are responsible for the movement of the foot, and most of them can cause referred foot pain, and even cause stress fractures. It has been my experience that when feeling pain in their foot, the majority of people would not think to look at the leg as the source of the problem. However, the large majority of time this