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If you’ve been searching for a solution to your pain, you’re not alone. Many people experiencing pain from repetitive strain injuries have tried everything imaginable, but still haven’t found the source of their problem. That’s where pain management consultant Julie Donnelly comes in.

As an internationally respected source for answers related to repetitive strain pain, Julie has an incredible track record for finding the real cause of pain. The best part? The wonders of technology have allowed Julie to successfully work with individuals around the world.


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What People Are Saying

I wrote to you regarding a hip injury I sustained while running two years ago. I had seen two sports med physicians, had two MRIs, took steroids and NSAIDs, and completed two rounds of physical therapy— all to no avail and with no definite diagnosis. I am an internist in practice for over ten years, yet I found myself doing what I beg my patients NOT to do—search the internet for a self-diagnosis (ugh!). Nonetheless, desperate to resume running, I found your website and with admitted trepidation, I wrote to you— mainly because your explanation of muscle spasm and contraction made complete sense physiologically. You were gracious enough to write back. I bought your book, The Pain-Free Runner, and literally within two weeks, the persistent hip pain of the previous one and a half years had completely resolved—with a tennis ball. Go figure. I am now back to running (faster!) and could not be happier. I am truly grateful, and a smarter doctor for my patients.”

—Elaine Spirakes, MD

I want to sincerely thank you for providing your expert answer as to how to relieve my pain. I have now golfed for the sixth time this year which is more than I have been able to do in the past four years. I seemed to have some sort of muscle imbalance as you indicated. I did what you suggested to work it out and then I started back into golfing after incorporating the different exercises specific for lats as you suggested. That went really well until I had massive back muscle tightening on third time out….but again I used a tennis ball and some stretches and exercises and again worked it all out.

I am now able to golf and am very grateful to you for your advice. Now I just make sure that I stretch out before and, if I feel it is needed, during play. Thank you… you provided assistance/advice that I was just not able to get elsewhere.”

—C. Jacobson BC, Canada

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