Basic Self-Treatment + 15 Minute Back Kit

Basic Self-Treatment + 15 Minute Back Kit


Learn the Julstro Method and get relief from hand/wrist pain and numbness, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, trigger finger, and more.

The doctor-recommended Julstro™ Self–Treatment System is based on new clinical information about the crucial role of muscles in repetitive stress injuries. Self-treatment allows you to get relief when you need it, not when your doctor’s schedule allows. Once you learn the techniques in the system, you’ll be able to prevent pain from starting. This system saves you money by avoiding invasive surgery, costly therapy, braces, and harmful drugs. The Julstro Basic Self-Treatment Kit Includes:

  • The Treat Yourself instructional DVD
  • The unique TotalTX™ treatment hand tool
  • Treat Yourself printed book
  • body chart for additional reference


  • 15 Minute Back e-Book
  • Backnobber

Julie Donnelly, developer of the Julstro Method, clearly explains the easy technique for treating repetitive stress conditions. First you’ll watch as Julie’s family physician, Dr. Zev Coehn, MD, demonstrates, and then you’ll follow along with Julie as she shows you the technique again. The Julstro™ Self–Treatment System features the use of a custom–designed hand tool to do non–invasive, deep massage that targets muscle “trigger points”. The short, 15–minute routine will flush out lactic acid that causes spasms and bring fresh blood and nourishment to muscles. This will release spasms and contractions, allowing hands and arms to return to normal. No surgery, harmful drugs, costly treatment or braces – just effective self–treatment. Get Relief From:

  • Hand and wrist pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • Sharp pain in the upper back, between the shoulders
  • Burning pain in the chest
  • Tingling in arms
  • Weakness in arms and hands