The Complete Pain Relief System

The Complete Pain Relief System


This one has it all! All the tools and techniques to relieve your aches and pains.

Avoid Surgery and Dangerous Drugs! Doctor-recommended and clinically proven self-treatment techniques taught in easy-to-follow DVD’s and books to eliminate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and LOTS MORE.

The doctor-recommended Julstro™ Method is based on new clinical information about the crucial role of muscles in repetitive stress injuries. This full-body system of self-applied treatment allows you to get relief when you need it, not when your doctor’s schedule allows. Once you learn the techniques, you’ll be able to prevent pain from starting. The Julstro Method saves you money by avoiding invasive surgery, costly therapy, braces, and harmful drugs.

Read What People are Saying…

After 18 years of ever-worsening pain issues and no help from the medical community, I finally found a doctor who correctly diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Medication and other treatments helped somewhat, but nine years later I had to quit even my part-time job and ended up spending most of every day in pain in my recliner. Then I found Julie through her website, and the Julstro System for Hand/Wrist Pain and Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living launched me into effectively treating my own trigger point pain. Three weeks later, 70% of my pain was GONE! I’ve been treating myself for eight years now, and remain mostly pain free, except when I overdo, or the barometric pressure changes. I no longer have sciatica pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, migraines, or upper back pain. I continue to treat trigger points daily to stay ahead of the pain. I am now teaching people in chronic pain how to treat their own trigger points, and the results have been wonderful.”

—E. Goldammer St. Paul, MN

Wrist pain almost stopped me from doing my job, but the source of the problem was in my forearm! Using the Julstro techniques, not only was I able to stop my wrist pain, but I’ve learned to identify the sources of shoulder and low back pain I thought I was going to have to learn to live with. As a result, I’m working easier and I’m becoming more active. My best advice: try Julstro first!

Susan Whitt,
 Couurt Reporter

The Julstro Complete Self-Treatment System includes:

  1. The Basic Julstro™ Self–Treatment System($147 Value)
  2. Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living (Printed Book) ($49 Value)
  3. Backnobber II® and Instructional Book ($39.00 Value)
  4. The Perfect Ball (2) ($18.00 Value)

…….and Bonuses valued at over $25

1 The Basic Julstro Self-Treatment System. The doctor-recommended Julstro™ Self–

Treatment System is a proven series of self-applied techniques that focus on each of the muscles that impinge on the nerve to your wrist and hand.  Removing the tension in the muscles will release the pressure on the nerve, and eliminates pain, tingling, and numbness.

Included in the Julstro System is:

  • The unique TotalTX™ treatment hand tool designed specifically for the Julstro System
  • The Treat Yourself instructional DVD – an hour of Julie teaching you exactly how to do the Julstro Self-Treatments. Includes bonus material for treating other areas of your body.
  • The Treat Yourself  Instruction Book with photographs of the treatments taught in the DVD, plus additional information to enhance your understanding of the problem and the solution.
  • A 4-color Trigger Point Body Chart for additional reference

Get Relief From:

  • Hand and wrist pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • Sharp pain in the upper back, between the shoulders
  • Burning pain in the chest
  • Tingling in arms

Once you learn the techniques demonstrated in the Julstro System DVD and Instructional Guide, you’ll also be able to prevent pain from starting. This system saves you money by avoiding invasive surgery, costly therapy, braces, and harmful drugs.

The Julstro™ Self–Treatment System features the use of a custom–designed hand tool to do non–invasive, deep massage that targets muscle “trigger points”. The short, 15–minute routine will flush out lactic acid that causes spasms and bring fresh blood and nourishment to muscles. This will release spasms and contractions, allowing hands and arms to return to normal. No surgery, harmful drugs, costly treatment or braces – just effective self–treatment.

2Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living (Printed Book) is chockfull of little-known information about muscles, why they cause pain, and how to treat them successfully.  You will discover why “tendonitis” is a description of a muscle in tension, and how a broken bone can cause your muscles to shorten and cause joint pain for years after the bone has healed.

Learn simple self-treatments that heal the pain and swelling of sprained ankles in hours, and discover why foot pain (Plantar Fasciitis) isn’t in your foot – it’s in your lower leg! Plus LOTS more!

Get Relief From Pain Related To:

  • Golf
  • Running, Walking, Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Baseball, Softball, Ultimate Frisbee or Other Throwing Sports

3 Backnobber II® is great for reaching those difficult spasms in your back and the top of your shoulders.  The Backnobber II breaks down into two pieces so you can carry it in your gym bag or briefcase, always having it ready to help you eliminate pain while you are out-and-about.  Included is the Instructional Book that maps all of the spasms in your shoulder and back, and pictures of how to treat each of them.  You will love the Backnobber II!

4 The Perfect Ball is just that…Perfect!  Soft on the outside, but solid in the center, the Perfect Ball gets into all of the “nooks and crannies” around your shoulder, your hip joint, and is great for doing the Julstro self-treatments for your hamstrings and lower leg muscles.

bonusBonus eBooks…

stop pain fast

Stop Back Pain FAST! – A step-by-step self-treatment guide for treating the top 3 muscles that cause back pain. Eliminate all of the spasms that cause low back pain.



carpal tunnelCarpal Tunnel Syndrome – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You! Zev Cohen, MD, explains why MUSCLES are the primary cause of most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. He also explains the dangers of drugs that are commonly given to treat the pain in your wrist and hand.  Julie gives you suggestions of how you can set up your work station when you are dealing with “challenges” that can’t be fixed.