The Backnobber® II

The Backnobber® II


Reach your back where it hurts, get the pressure you want from slight movement of your wrist.


Have you ever wished that someone would just press on your back, or on your shoulder? You just know that would relieve the pain, but  nobody is there, or they just aren′t strong enough to make a difference.

Now you can reach the areas of your back that hurt, and get the pressure you want from just a slight movement of your wrist. You′ll be surprised to see how incredibly strong you are, and how you can focus on exactly the muscles you want to treat, by using the leverage of The Backnobber® II.

Used in combination with the techniques taught in the accompanying booklet, the Backnobber® II helps ease the symptoms of muscle fatigue, back, neck and shoulder discomfort and headaches. Especially helpful for anyone who can’t lie on the floor to do the treatments taught in the Julstro Pain Free Series of books.