Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living

Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living


Discover why you hurt, plus more than 200 treatments to relieve your pain.

Julie shares with you the self–treatments that have brought instant relief to thousands of athlete′s worldwide. The Julstro techniques were originally taught in The Pain–Free Triathlete, and endurance athletes have proven them to be effective, even under the most strenuous competitive conditions.

Read What People are Saying…

I am chief physiotherapist in a hospital from India. I had purchased your Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living book a month ago. I didn’t know the techniques would work so excellent. I work on the trigger points on the patients and I also teach the self-treatments shown in your book. I’m really enjoying my work after I got your books. I am thankful to you because I now get good results in every case.”

—Reshma Fatnani Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India

I always use your book… I would be lost without it. My last weird problem was what seemed like a soon-to-be frozen shoulder. It was something that bothered me whenever I walked my dogs and did anything that basically involved that arm. Being a distance runner, I had only ever focused on your trigger point charts for my lower back and south. I finally got so irritated with this stupid shoulder issue that I thought I’d start searching online for answers. Suddenly it occurred to me that everything I needed was probably in your book. Of course it was… right there in good old Chart 10!! Once I started working on this, the pain dissipated within about three days. It was much better after just the first day. It was sore from the tension, but it was much better almost immediately. Just wanted to tell you thank you, again!”

—Susie M.

Support your healthy lifestyle! You′ll be able to restore physical vigor by eliminating pain and increasing flexibility, plus you′ll benefit from information about general topics such as tendonitis and bursitis, how muscles mimic the symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, and why a spasm causes pain to be felt in areas that are far from the knot in the muscle. Read why you can sprain your ankle and hurt years afterward, why a muscle in your thigh can cause low back pain, and a whole lot more! Inspired by the success of The Pain–Free Triathlete, and realizing that there are millions of people who aren′t athletes but who want to live a pain–free life, Julie set to work to write a whole new book, without athletic references. You′ll be amazed when you read why muscles are frequently overlooked when searching for the cause of pain, and why they are commonly the source of conditions such as plantar faciitis, sciatica, low back pain, rotator cuff tears, hip and knee pain. Julie explains why muscles in your shoulder and neck will cause severe tension headaches that mimic the symptoms of migraine headaches, and then teaches you how to self–treat the spasms that are the source of the pain. Even sinus pain has been successfully treated by using the Julstro techniques.

Over 200 treatments are demonstrated, using descriptive text and clear “how–to” photographs.

Treat Yourself to Pain–Free Living is a book you′ll use over and over to Stop Pain FAST!