Focused Flexibility Training

Focused Flexibility Training


A unique total body system, blending Julstro treatments with functional yoga poses.

TriggerPoint Yoga/Focused Flexibility Training is a unique total body system. Focused Flexibility Training includes Treat Yourself to Pain-Free Living, the book that is the basis for the Foundation DVD, a blend of the Julstro self-applied trigger point treatments with functional yoga poses. Guaranteed to relieve muscular tension, restore and lengthen tight, short muscles, and improve joint range of motion. This revolutionary DVD program pinpoints the areas where you typically hold stress and muscular tension preparing you to safely and effectively stretch. You will learn to manage your unique patterns of tension that limit movement and function…at any age & any lifestyle

DVD includes: 2 instructional DVD’s with four separate programs * Bonus DVD: taught by Julie to help you fully understand self-applied trigger point treatments

During each chapter, you’ll spend approximately 15 minutes treating the “knots” with the Julstro Treatments, followed by a 25-minute instructional  yoga session to benefit the areas of release. Each chapter gives attention to a different area of your body.


  • hamstrings
  • lower back
  • calves
  • hips
  • upper back
  • shoulders
  • neck….and more
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Establish foundations for superior structural  alignment
  • Essential for athletes or those with chronic pain
  • Learn to understand and respond to your unique patterns of tension